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SimpleQuiz is a simple but yet powerful Quiz/Survey extension that offers unlimited quizzes and questions, with the ability to create text questions, multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers, and also the ability to assign scores to answers.

A Simple Survey

We appreciate your opinion.

This is a sample introductory text that you can have before the survey.

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A Score Quiz

Find yourself

Score Quizzes can help participants measure themselves. Each answer can have a score value and optionally a unique score ID, so that one or even more than one scores can be calculated at the same time. All quiz results can be customized according to these scores!

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A Simple Quiz Contest Finished

A Simple Quiz

Test your knowledge

This is a sample introductory text that you can have before the quiz.

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Quick Survey

This is a quiz-survey included in a module!

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Timer Quiz

A small math quiz!

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Back to school Active Contest

Back to school

Évaluons tes connaissances !

Si tu as moins de 8/10 il faut que tu te renseignes davantage sur l'actualité.

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Test your knowhow

This is a sample text that you can have before the quiz by me.

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UMSLE Test Prep Question Bank

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