Welcome to the NS Pro demo section.

NS Pro is a full Newsletter management extension, which offers unlimited mailing lists, unlimited subscribers, unlimited newsletters, and provides a fully customizable Subscription form, as well as HTML Templates.

On the right, you can navigate through the NS Pro front-end views, as well as try the NS Pro Subscription module.

Newsletter Subscriber Pro is great for its simplicity. If you want, you can use it as a simple mailing list module, which will just collect subscribers for your website.

Professional Features

On the other hand, NS Pro includes all the professional features that you need to promote your content, like:

  • Newsletter Throttling: The ability to send emails little by little, to avoid being marked as a spammer, to avoid exceeding your host sending limits, etc.
  • Newsletter Scheduling: The ability to send emails to subscribers, based on specific dates, or events.
  • Newsletter Campaigns: The ability to send emails to subscribers based on specific days after their subscription, with a dropdown to select various dates from 1 day to 2 years.
  • Bounce Checks: The ability to detect email addresses that are no longer used, and avoid waisting outgoing emails, and keep your list up to date.
  • Multiple Mailing Lists, to target your newsletters to specific audience.
  • Customizable Subscribe Form, with additional fields, which you can use to further target specific subscriber groups, like based on their age, country or whatever you may need.
  • Smart Texts which can personalize your newsletter, like information about the subscriber, including subscriber specific links, and even articles, modules from Joomla.
  • Integrated Feature to check which subscribers have received your newsletter, which have opened it and statistics about this information.
  • Smart Text to randomize your newsletters. NS Pro offers the unique ability to send newsletter content to specific percentage of your subscribers, like 10% of the newsletter recipients get a special coupon code, or similar.