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SimpleQuiz is a powerful quiz & survey creator tool that empowers you to build anything from a school exam to a multiple-score, personality evaluating psychology test.

A Simple Quiz

Test your knowledge

Explore a world of facts and trivia with our Simple Quiz, and challenge your understanding of the world.

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A Simple Survey

We appreciate your opinion.

Participate in our interactive survey to share your valuable insights and opinions, helping us better understand your needs and preferences.

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A Score Quiz

Find yourself

Score Quizzes can help participants measure themselves. Each answer can have a score value and optionally a unique score ID, so that one or even more than one scores can be calculated at the same time. All quiz results can be customized according to these scores!

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Math Timer Quiz

Test your speed!

Race against time in our Math Timer Quiz.

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Quick Survey

Do you like this website?

This one-question survey is also included in our module demo.

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Si tu as moins de 8/10 il faut que tu te renseignes davantage sur l'actualité.

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Language Certificate

Deutsch B2 Prüfung

Testen Sie Ihr Deutsch mit unserem B2-Level-Quiz und prüfen Sie Ihre Sprachkenntnisse.

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