Welcome to the Testimonial Collector demo section.

Testimonial Collector is a simple and effective testimonial extension, which allows video, audio and unlimited administrator-set file uploads. Testimonials can be presented in a module or a menu item, with fully customizable layouts.

Temporarily, the Testimonial Collector demo is disabled. Please contact me if you need more information.

Welcome to the Nearest Places demo section.

Nearest Places is a simple module to present articles that are geographically near. You simply add the article ids and their coordinates in the module parameters, and the module shows up only on articles that have coordinates. Simple, fast and effective.

Please use the menu to the right, to see how simply and greatly Nearest Places works.

Welcome to the VM Scheduled Discounts demo section.

VM Scheduled Discounts is an online sales tool that can be used to publish discounts on your Virtuemart e-shop, based on a certain schedule.

Please visit one of the available VM test products on the right, to see a custom discount running. You can login at the administrator area using demo as both the username and the password, and see how discounts are easily managed using VM Scheduled Discounts.

VM Scheduled Discounts is great because it is designed to be simple, like plug-and-play. There is no required configuration. You just install it and enable its plugin. It is a professional tool that can be used to take your sales to the next level!

Professional Features

  • Back-end Discount Manager
  • Multiple Discount Targets: Single Products or Whole Categories
  • Customizable Discount Text, with Smart Tags that include the original price, the discounted price, and a customizable countdown timer!
  • Flexible Scheduling. You can publish a discount on certain dates, weekly, monthly or even on a yearly schedule!
  • Shopper Groups
  • Lightweight no cron-job activation plugin
  • No external libraries

Welcome to the MyShortlist demo section.

MyShortlist is a favorites/quick access list module that offers a Joomla native way of adding favorites to your site. It uses ids, not URLs to add favourites. MyShortlist offers compatibility to a big variety of massive usage extensions, including the default Joomla articles, like: K2, Virtuemart, JomSocial, Community Builder, EventBooking, Sobi Pro and much more!

Please use the Famous Locations menu, on the right, to navigate to some fictional articles named after landmarks, to see how to use MyShortlist.

MyShortlist is great because it is designed to be simple, like plug-and-play. There is no required configuration. You just install it and enable it. Although, it does offer professional features that you may want to enable, or customize in its options.

Professional Features

Compatibility with over 30 major Joomla! components and the list is constantly growing.

Articles and General Content

Joomla Articles, K2 Items, K2 Categories, K2 Users, MosetsTree Items, SobiPro Items, ZOO Items, JEA Items, JoomGalaxy Items, MultiCategories, EasyBlog Items, AcePolls Polls, HDVideoShare Videos

Advertisements and Classifieds

Ads Manager Ads, JobBoard Jobs, EZRealty Properties, JBusinessDirectory Companies, iProperty Properties, Properties Products

Community Profiles

CommunityBuilder Profiles, JomSocial Profiles, JomSocial Groups, LoveFactory Profiles

Online Sales

Virtuemart Items, JDownloads Downloads, HikaShop Items, ShopOffers Offers

Newsletters and Events

NS Pro Newsletters, NS Pro Subscribers, AcyMailing Newsletters, EventBooking Events, JomSocial Events, EventList Events

...and more can be added if you wish to.

  • Uses Component IDs instead of URLs. Universal and safe.
  • MyShortlist offers multiple lists for your favorites.
  • Ability to save to Cookies, save to the Database, or both.
  • Send the list to Admin Email feature, with custom fields
  • Customized item listing in favorites, for components like JomSocial, EZRealty and AdsManager.

Welcome to the SimpleQuiz demo section.

SimpleQuiz is a simple but yet powerful Quiz/Survey extension that offers unlimited quizzes and questions, with the ability to create text questions, multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers, and also the ability to assign scores to answers.

On the right, you can navigate to the Quiz list, or some individual quizzes/surveys.

SimpleQuiz, unlike many other quiz and survey components,
has Simple in its name, not because of the things you can do with it being simple, but because of the simple things you need to do to accomplish them.

Professional Features

  • Fully Customizable Question Texts, with the ability to add HTML and add life to your questions, by adding images or whatever you need, including the use of custom plugins.
  • Fully Customizable Result Page, with the ability to show different HTML depending on the score or correct answer percentage of the quiz-taker, or depending on specific answers to your questions.
  • Results are sent by email to a user-defined email address per quiz and also saved to the database, with an easy export feature.
  • Text Questions, Multiple Choice Questions with either Checkboxes for multiple answers, or Radio Buttons for one answer.
  • Simple Integrated Help, which appears where you need it.